weird and hot

14 May

This weekend got weird. I think I may have just had too many adventures in the last couple of days.

Friday night was pizza (which was good, but didn’t agree with me), followed by Infinity War, which was about what I expected. I thought it was good, certainly, but, probably by design, it never gave the audience a chance to breathe and spend time with the characters. It also kind of really cheesed off my two oldest kids, and set the waterworks going with the youngest.

At least this generation has it’s Transformers: The Movie now.

Saturday was a really hot day at the VA Rennaissance Faire, which is always a good time, especially when we get to spend time with friends we don’t see nearly as often anymore, which we did this time. It was, however, ridiculously hot, and I was getting a bit punchy as I’d aready had quite a few adventures over the previous few days, and the household is readjusting, somewhat stressfully, to the addition of twenty percent more person, so I was not my best.

Neither was my lovely spouse, who the heat, combined with some other stuff she’s dealing with, knocked her down completely.

Sunday was when my frustration really came to a head – the house is cluttered, everybody’s being difficult and not feeling their best, and my pot, as they say, was bubbling over. After popping a bit, I threw the bike on the back of the car, and rode ten miles in less than 40 minutes on the trail. Let’s just say I had some frustration to get out.

I felt a little better afterward, and took the time to help the kid knock out a pretty good Mothers’ Day dinner, and watched Friday’s Agents of SHIELD on hulu – this season hasn’t been amazing (last year was better), but the way it’s finally gone full over-the-top batshit comic book and synching up parallel to the events of Infinity War, I’m really looking forward to how they tie things up next week.

I also got tagged on the social media meme that’s going around about your 10 favorite/influential albums on Saturday morning (via Annie from the Maidens). the whole idea of just posting the cover and not commenting is kind of anathema to me, but I’m gonna follow the rules over there; I may just knock out some posts over here to extend remarks and comments (besides the discussions that I’ve seen happening in the comments). We’ll see, this Desert Island Discs thing really deserves expansion (hence the existence of a regular program on BBC Radio 4), so you’ll probably see some of that going forward.


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