all time record – day three

14 May

This past Saturday morning, before heading out on adventures, I checked in, as I do, on social media, and found myself tagged by a friend with this:

Day X of 10 of my all-time favorite albums. 10 days. What really made an impact and is still on your rotation list, even if only now and then. Post the cover, no need to explain, and nominate a person each day to do the same. Nominated by XXXXXX, I now nominate XXXXXXX

This sort of thing, of course, is exactly the kind of thing that gets my brain churning. Music, if you know me, for me, is a very big deal. While I followed the rules over on social media, I’m reserving the right to extend my remarks over here, because this is my space, and I can do what I want. I’m a little behind, but I’ll catch up as time allows. Not in any particular order, though here we go.

Day Three: Alanis Morrissette: Jagged Little Pill (1995)

As with the previous records, I reviewed this one here previously, back in December 2011. However, I’m not going to quote that one directly; I spent most of that capsule review talking about the 90s/00s female rock scene, namechecking Liz Phair and Sheryl Crow. I’d say that that those comments still stand. The social media discussion this prompted this morning, however, is interesting in the sense of how these records tie into times in your life, and how music helped us cope, and ties into memories at least as well as scents do. This record, at the time, was HUGE and unescapable; my friends who were of a certain late GenX age at the time, really latched on to this one. Stories of breakups and freshman dorms and all that stuff. When this came out in ’95, I was in a pretty good place, mostly, so the anger of “You Oughta Know” didn’t resonate as much, though I appreciated it. For me, the tune was “Head Over Feet”, which is all about falling in love with your best friend, which , at the time, I had most certainly done.


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