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18 Mar

For the last couple of months, I’ve been rather lax in checking out the back-end stuff around this little disused alcove of the internet. In the last day or two, I rectified that, and saw some things worth changing; nothing major that anybody’s ever going to notice, but just in case, I shall share.

Thing the First – I disabled comments over in the photo gallery, since nobody ever used them except for spammers trying to drop in links for erectile disfunction supplements. Flushing the pipes was getting to be too much of a hassle, so, no comments.

Thing the Second – I made a couple of minor security tweaks to the guestbook that nobody’s going to notice. In fact, nobody’s used the guestbook since November, so it’s unlikely that even a major change would be noticed. I almost considered trashing it completely, as it’s mostly a vestigial organ left over from the early days of the web, but it’s a vestigial organ I kind of like to keep around for it’s retro kitch value. If you too appreciate useless charm, go ahead and post a little note in it, y’know, for kicks.

I also noticed that at some point in the last couple of days, I ticked past 15,000 visitors. To be fair, it’s mostly the same dozen people visiting over and over, but it’s a neat little sort-of milestone, and shows some forward momentum. I’ve been doing this web thing for more than a decade now, and have been tracking visitors for about five years. It took four years to rack up the first 5000 hits, a year for the next 5000, and the most recent 5000 in a little under ten months. Big picture, it’s a few molecules of a drop in the bucket of the internet, but at this rate, I’m only a couple of millenia away from total planetary domination, and probably a few seconds closer than I was this time last year.

Finally, I wanted to play search engine roulette again, but there’s nothing fun there right now; 19 of the last 20 searches were some variation of “chuck parker”; the other one was bacon-related. Completely in context with what’s actually here. It’s only fun when it gets weird. idea!

Hey! You know what? let’s make it weird – If I could humbly ask that everyone who sees this posts a comment or two with some random string of words or oddball phrases, maybe the search engine results would be more fun in a few days. This’ll probably go about as well as my last invitation to comment (which was pathetic), but heck, the last post is on fire with discussion, relative to the rest of the site, so I’m feeling powerful today.

Do your worst…gimme some nonsense!


4 Responses to “administrativia and a communal nonsense project”

  1. 1
    DMTL Says:

    Star Trek

  2. 2
    chuck Says:

    thank you sir!

    electronic steampunk banana pelts sublimate readily in the virtual presence of bored stay-at-home-firefighters’ Stargate/Days of Our Lives crossover furry erotica fanfic; at full high-definition resolution, and in smell-o-vision. Chocolate clockwork Meercats also gesticulate counter-intuitively.


  3. 3
    jen Says:

    furry ecrotica???

    lab coats
    brussel sprouts
    phone book

  4. 4
    chuck Says:

    furry erotica – it’s Yiffy!

    was that an “aghast” question mark, or a “what’s he talking about?” question mark?

    If it was the latter, I’d suggest you set aside a few minutes google time, with a side of eye bleach (Or at least that one episode of CSI), since there’s apparently a big hole in your alternative lifestyles knowledge inventory.

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