end of may…

29 May

Not a bad weekend, all told. I spent a little more money than I would have liked, but this happens, and I can always make more. Busch Gardens and a trip to Blue Bee Cider can do that.

I also got some cycling in (on the Virginia Capital Trail, no less), and washed and waxed both cars on Saturday (mine really cleans up nice…). Guess which one hurt the muscles more? All that squatting to catch the ground effects package on the Scion – “ow”, say my thighs.

This week, I am stuck doing a three day special event with some data trading partners that I don’t really want to do right now (I wanted to do it two years ago, but somebody wasn’t interested then…), and with this weather (thanks Alberto), I probably won’t get the biking in I want. Gonna be a brilliant week. At least I’ll have time to get my music work in prepping for our sets at ConCarolinas this weekend. Kirsten even sent me a new tune to work on!

I’ll probably have a solid reminder post later in the week, but right now, I know we’re playing at 5pm on Saturday and 2pm on Sunday, but as cons often say, schdules are tentative until the event in question actually starts.


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