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13 Jun

Since I wrote my last post, I’ve kind of sunk into one of those strange, kinda mysterious depressive episodes I get now and then; feeling down, weird buzzes of axiety in the nervous system, typical for me. Sometimes it just happens, sometimes it’s got a reason. I thought at first it might be the rain/weather (spoiled my ride on Monday, cut yesterday’s short), or sympathetic vibrations from my wife and eldest daughter, who are both dealing with some new medication and are a bit out-of-sorts. I didn’t really know. Like I said, sometimes it doesn’t have a reason.

I finally made the connection this morning on the drive in to work this morning.

I miss ya, Dad.

This is right around the time, so many years ago, when it happened. What made it weird is that it usually doesn’t hit me at this time of year; usually, it’s around his birthday in March. Not this year, apparently, as I was pleasantly distracted by my West Coast Musical Oddessey™ this time around, which, I guess caused things to settle in somewhere else.

We’ll see if coming to the realization helps me get past it. I hope so.


Otherwise, I still got some stuff done the last couple of days, in spite of my brain betraying me. Got some actual useful stuff done at work, still managed to get a ten mile ride in yesterday, and voted in the Virginia primary yesterday; as there was no Democratic ballot this time around in my congressional district (both Senator Kaine and Rep. McEachin, the incumbent Dems, are running unopposed), I voted in the Republican primary (we’re allowed to pick one or the other here, as we don’t register by party), choosing to support diversity in candidates by picking Shion Fenty (who intrigued me, as a black millenial woman and a child of immigrants running as a Republican), and E.W. Jackson (who is, I fully recognize, a total trainwreck of a candidate, but ticked the diversity box over the racist Corey Stewart and the other guy); both of whom lost by significant margins, which I totally expected; I wasn’t intentionally engaging in “ratf**king”, but that vote for Jackson isn’t doing any favors for my defense. Oh well.

The good news in the election is that Abigail Spanberger (with whom I share many friends in common and have met socially once or twice) easily won the nomination across town in the 7th district, and will quite likely knock out Dave “women are in my grill wherever I go” Brat come November.


So yeah; I have some good news to celebrate here in my adopted home state, a decent weather report for the rest of the week to support my biking (which helps me deal with my issues), stuff to keep me busy through the weekend, and a bunch of friends out there who offer support when I need it (thanks, folks).

I think I’ll be okay.


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