lulled into a false sense of security?

27 Jun

So far, this week’s been relatively painless. As Independence Day is on Wednesday this year, the whole of next week (starting, say…this Thursday afternoon) is essentially treated as a holiday weekend by everyone in my occupational orbit. With people taking leave everywhere, it’s tough to reach a quorum for anything, so the usual meetings are being cancelled more often than not.

I had five emails waiting for me when I got into the office this morning. Five. And none of them were relevant; all of them system generated cruft. This never happens.

As the title suggests, I wonder if the universe is attempting to dope me into complacency before dropping the hammer. it’s got today and tomorrow to do so, because I’m taking off work on Friday. Partially because I need a mental health day, and also because I’m playing a Humdingers show at the Hillsborough (NC) Public Library on Friday night, and wanted to be rested and take my time with the drive. Music-making is always a good thing.

Also, as of last night, I have almost 40 miles biked this week so far; twenty-two on pavement (VA Capital Trail) and seventeen on mud (my usual park at Dutch Gap, which was *very* muddy). I came out of Monday’s ride feeling relieved and refreshed. Tuesday’s ride in the mud *hurt*. The sky is threateningly cloudy today, but the rain’s supposed to hold off – I’m looking at taking a somewhat shorter (under fifteen) on the pavement today, nice and slow, to “play through the pain”, so to speak, but not aggravate my muscle stress.

Anyway, we’ll see what the next couple of days hold…


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