back to the grind

04 Sep

It’s that day, it seems, for everyone. I’m back to “work” work after spending a month in academia, plus the kids are back to school today. Such fun.

We shall all manage, and persevere; it’s the nature of life.

That said, it was a decent, relatively quiet weekend, after I nailed the last “celebration of knowledge” (I wrapped the course with a 90%, which is slightly better than “good enough for government work”), though it did take over five hours to get home, given holiday traffic, which was kind of what I expected. The weekend itself was relatively quiet; some shopping, some book and movie time, watching all my friends’ adventures at Dragon*Con, and a quick trip out to the college to see the kid and get some stuff she didn’t realize she needed. I’ll take it, especially the extra day.

That’s really about it; Tuesday will be about sorting through all the major issues left behind (the usual crap, mostly), and getting my behind back on a bike for the first time in a while after being without it for a month- I’m really looking forward to the trail.


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