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10 Sep

So, I got my body and my car maintained on Friday like I intended; generally good news on both fronts, though as expected, I need to begin shopping for tires soon. Oh well. We did juggle my meds around a little bit to try and shake the kinks out of the brain chemistry, though we’re not trying anything particularly crazy. It seems to be working so far. It helps when your doctor has a lot of the same issues you do, and just, like understands when you struggle to find words to describe that area of your experience. I do think that I may have had a close encounter with a sick person (at a doctor’s office? the horror!), because my sinuses and throat started acting up on Sunday, though I’m hoping for the best there; we’ll see.

Weather has largely screwed me out of biking opportunities for the weekend, and appears to be on track to do so going forward, as hurricane track maps I’ve seen stick me well within the path of Florence’s wrath later this week. I hope it doesn’t run right over us, all apologies to my many friends to the south in NC/SC, but unless she tears the roof off the house in a polite way so as to not damage my stuff but gets insurance to pay for a new roof, I’d rather not deal with it, honestly. If it cancels some of the meetings I seem to have to deal with at work (I hear tell of potential cross-agency shouting sessions late this week), I’ll take it, I’d just rather keep the lights on at home while that happens.

I did jam with the ‘riffs a bit on Saturday morning, and it went well enough; it doesn’t necessarily appear that the upcoming gig will be completely awful, though I expect the entire event is going to fall a lot closer to Dumpster Fire than anything else. More to come there, I’m sure.

No other real news to share, other than my wrapping the latest Pokemon Go special research task and snagging a celebi, discovering and loving the food from Curry In A Hurry on Thursday night, catching the first couple of episodes of Iron Fist Season Two and finding it not bad, and looking forward to my chiropractor appointment this week because my shoulder is doing some weird stuff.

Just going to try to stay safe and dry and not inundated with office crap, which is all anyone can really do.


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