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09 Oct

Happy Monday Tuesday (for a moment, I forgot I had off Monday for “let’s recognize a conquering white guy” Day -see Doctor Tirado? Conquest of Paradise is still stuck in my head 26 years later!). It doesn’t feel like I did much Monday, though if I take the inventory, I knocked out a bunch of chore sort of things, made a killer lasagna, introduced the youngest to Monty Python (look on netflix – it’ *all* there!), and gave a ukulele lesson, so I guess I did.

The rest of the weekend did include some adventures worth reporting too – Saturday was family day at SBC, so we went out and spent the day with the eldest, eating some amazing Indian food nearby, and spending a few hours helping to build sets for Heathers coming up in a couple of weeks. And Sunday the lovely spouse and I visited the newest cidery in Scott’s Addition, Courthouse Creek, which was *very* good (we did the standard flight; we especially liked the Samurai Sour and the Cherry one I can’t remember the name of) as well as hitting The Veil a couple of blocks away, where I originally only meant to show her the neat, eclectic taproom, though we ended up having a couple of short pours, me finding a quite interesting and tasty specimen, the Salted Caramel + Oreo Hornswaggler chocolate milk stout, which tasted like I was drinking a brownie (a full 12oz pour would’ve been too much), and she finding a beer she actually rather liked(?!?!) in Nevermind, a “triple fruited” plum gose, which is leading her to re-evaluate her “I don’t like beer” stance, as she’s staring to realize she likes at least the gose style.

I also managed to rehab that old Washburn acoustic guitar the middle child brought into the house; cleaned up with fresh strings (after having to drill out one of the bridge pegs!), it’s got a really nice tone. I’d love to lower the action a bit, but I’m kind of leery about doing so, as the bridge itself appears to be pulling a way from the body a bit on the low side of the string course, and torqueing the truss rod to bring the strings closer to the neck would just put more tension on it (the original problem, of course, was that this guitar, like the rest, got dumped into an uninsulated clapboard shed for years uncased and without slacking the strings first). We’ll see how it holds up over the longer term.

Oh, and I finally got ’round to seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story, which was perfectly fine, given that I went in with no expectations. They went a little hard with explaining *everything* about Han (and having almost all the iconic elements, from hooking up with Chewbacca to the 12 parsec Kessel run, happen in the span of a couple of weeks at most), though Donald Glover as Lando was perfect, and I kind of like the fan theory I saw kicking around that, assuming these “star wars story” movies keep rolling, they’re essentially going to be stealth Qi’Ra series, because she was, without a doubt, the most compelling character in this film, and they succeeded in setting her up with some intriguing potential going forward.

Also on the rental list this weekend was Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom which was cool because dinosaurs (we all love Blue, especially the youngest child), but was kinda meh to me, other than any time the vet girl was on screen, because she was really funny.

So this week? Hoping to get some biking in, at least today, because they’re calling for increasing rain chances as we progress further into the week. I’m also planning on hitting the Isley open mic again on Wednesday evening, and otherwise will be checking the Dell website for laptop delivery updates and figuring out the new phones (we’re upgrading to Galaxy 9s, and passing the current 7s down to the kids); my spouse is ridiculously excited; Androids are her jam.


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