long weekend, longer week

11 Oct

Here it is, Thursday, and it feels like I’ve been at the office for two weeks since Tuesday. That’s the way these long weekends work, right?

Anyway, I’ll make it through, though it appears I have all the meetings today, though I don’t have much to add to any of them other than “my guys are still staffing up.” Whatever.

Otherwise, life since I last committed pixels and bits to this space has revolved around sorting out the new phone (We just upgraded to Samsung Galaxy S9s, and it’s pretty nice, especially since I shut down that damned Bixby thing), trying to get some biking in before the remnants of Michael work their way through, and playing a pretty good open mic set Wednesday night.

Yeah, last night was…interesting. I sort of injured my stupid middle-aged body mountain biking after work Wednesday afternoon trying to avoid a fall and stretching muscles on my right hip in exactly the wrong way (it’s still sore today). I didn’t fall, but I was limping. All the same, I did drag the guitar over to Isley Brewing in the city to play the every-other-week open mic. Very few musical folks showed up last night, so I ended up playing almost an hour’s worth of tunes, sitting down because it hurt, and it went surprisingly well. I was expecting to play three songs or fifteen minutes as usual, but there was time to fill, so I filled it – largely playing out of my binder of songs, since my musical brain is mostly filled with 100-odd bass arrangements for Humdingers tunes and doesn’t have room for lyrics, even those that I wrote. There were a bunch of folks from the “mug club” there drinking, so I had an audience, and being loaded up on Choosy Mother, most of them were pretty appreciative, and I’m kind of becoming a regular with the staff and some of the other folks who show up to sing, at least for open mic nights, which is kinda cool – I haven’t been that for quite some time.

My musical community is expanding – that’s never a bad thing.


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