didn’t go as planned, but still wrapped up nicely in the end

29 Oct

On Friday, I posted a bit about weekend plans. Those didn’t go as expected.

Friday evening was indeed kinda chill; I made some excellent refried beans in my instant pot. We ate them. It was good.

Saturday, however, went a bit pear shaped; We tried to make the best of it, but nothing went as we expected. We got to the Celtic Festival to find a morass of mud and filth, but there were still plenty of people hanging around enjoying themselves; It was appropriately Scottish/Irish weather, I suppose. That said, as the dancers gathered for their exhibition performance a little after noon, we discovered the stage was wet and slippery; so much so that one of the girls participating in the competition happening there this weekend slipped and broke an arm. No performance for our folks.

Oh well. We wandered around the festival for a bit, met with some friends who were coming in to town to enjoy the highland games and haggis, and I replaced my missing wedding claddagh with a nice new one that almost matches and fits better. We did get word that our pub crawl buddies had a medical emergency and had to back out, but other folks were happy to join us for at least a little while, and one of the other adult dancers and her husband were interested. Long story short, we ended up in Scott’s Addition for a little while, though the other friends had a teenager emergency and left a bit early. Colleen and I spent a little while at Ardent’s biergarten, because the sun had come out, though we discovered the dance school friends got hung up with other things. Oh well. We called it early.

Sunday the dancing went off okay – the festival was still muddy, but it was less cold and damp. That said, we didn’t really hang around. We came home, finished some laundry, and set the kids up for a few hours while the grownups went out to Carytown to participate in the Harry Potter trivia contest sponsored by the Cupcake shop. The venue was a neat old-timey bar, and it was great to hang out with our friends we don’t see particularly often (even though they live really close), sharing a few drinks and cupcakes and having a grand old time, as well as coming in 3rd in the contest (Mostly because Colleen and Lisa are really good at retaining the trivia – my Harry Potter brainspace is filled with 100-odd wrock tunes I can whip out on stage in a moment’s notice), and we toasted Lisa’s cancer-free diagnosis!

Yeah, I’d say the weekend ended okay.

As for the week ahead? I’m kind of on the counting down point – my leave for the rest of the year is in, and I’m on the seven weeks until the end of my year before my holiday vacation time kicks in. I’ve got a few things to tee up before then, and get rolling, but we’re looking pretty good. This week’s largely quiet, which I shall welcome. Also, Thursday, I have Dweezil Zappa tickets. It’s gonna be great.


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