okay weekend, bound by rain

05 Nov

The drive to work this morning was pretty miserable; miserable to the point that I am seriously considering stepping up the “go buy tires this month” timetable and borrowing a bit from savings in the short term. I-95 didn’t feel entirely stable, or at least my car on it didn’t.

Oh well; I survived. I shall start checking prices more actively starting this afternoon.

The weekend was, as I alluded to, pretty low-key, which was welcome. I took my wife out for a dinner date Friday evening, which we both needed. Burgers and drinks at Cap Ale is always a pleasant diversion. Saturday we took care of grocery shopping, farmers’ marketing, and pokemon hunting in the morning, then I spent the afternoon scrubbing the bathroom (which did my OCD clean-freak good), making some good vegetarian chili, knocking out lots of laundry, relaxing and watching some stuff on TV, then setting the clocks back before going to bed. Sunday was more laundry, a couple of little errands in the morning, then spending some time playing, of all things, Team Fortress 2 with Andrew (and actually doing better than he did!). Around 4pm, Colleen suggested heading over to Scott’s Addition (the curry truck was at Ardent!), so we had a family dinner in the beer garden, eating good food, and petting dogs.

I woke up this morning to serious rain, as indicated above. The rest of the family slept in (it’s end of the first marking period, kids get today off for conferences, and tomorrow because most of the schools are polling places). I’m hoping they keep cleaning.

Oh, rest assured I’ll remind you tomorrow as well, but if you haven’t already, GO VOTE TOMORROW!


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