christmas eve, and some promo

24 Dec

Yes, I’ve been absent this space for more than a week. No matter, I warned you all.

The last week’s been pretty productive, if expensive. Christmas shopping is done, since, well, Christmas is like two and a half hours from when I’m typing this. I’ve gotten quite a bit done in the last nine days, actually. I’ve done a bunch of laundry, cooked some awesome meals, cleaned up a bunch of leaves in the yard, kicked some ass on Team Fortress 2, washed the car, and drunk a few beers. Well, more than a few….but it’s the holidays.

I also booked a neat new side gig for Next Year – seems I’m hosting a monthly Open Mic at Castleburg Brewery and Taproom in the city starting in February. As I’ve mentioned previously, Castleburg has a gorgeous room, an amazing sound system, and some great beer. I asked about whether they hosted an open mic a few weeks back when I stopped in, and ended up booking a meeting with the awesome manager, Rhonda, this week to talk about me hosting such a thing in the space. The first one is scheduled for February 20, 2019, and I really want it to be successful, so I’m going to promote the hell out of it until then, as is appropriate.

So that’s the promo here. Expect to see lots more in the next 8 weeks or so.

In any case, as I posted on social media earlier today:

Have a great whatever it is you celebrate, friends …or if it’s already been celebrated, I hope it *was* great….or if you don’t celebrate anything, that’s cool too.

Anyway, I wish you well. All of you. 😊❤👍

That about says it all. Enjoy your holidays, folks!


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