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09 Jan

Although the weather is threatening to get weird again as we slide into the back half of the week, yesterday afternoon it was flirting with 70°, so I prepared by strapping the bike on the back of the car on Monday evening and threw some riding clothes into the man-bag, and hit the trail after work for my first ride of 2019. I’d been off the bike a couple of weeks (the weather’s been a mess and life’s gotten in the way), and after putting eleven muddy miles behind me, I felt a lot better than I had in a while. The outdoors (especially the woods along this stretch of river these days) is my happy place, and I’ve missed it.

Let’s hope it sticks.

My last couple of posts have been pretty dire, to be honest, but they were honest. I’ve been pretty dire lately myself. Depression, especially around the holidays, is a struggle, and I’ve been doing my best to struggle against it, though it doesn’t always work. I did have a wonderful time with my friends this weekend at the holiday party I talked about, and am looking forward to seeing them again next weekend at Marscon, where I’ve got a couple of shows with the Humdingers, and I’m really looking to playing some music with all of my beloved nerd/music community.

But first, I’ve got my first official stage “gig” of the year Wednesday night at Isley, for open mic. It’s not paid, or professional, or anything but informal, but it’s an outlet, the people there seem appreciative of what I do, and playing music is my other happy place, so I think it’ll help. Especially because Isley has great beer, and in a perefect storm of awesome, Curry In A Hurry will be parked outside selling some of the best food truck fare in the city. I’m looking forward to it.


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