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28 Jan

On Saturday, we joined our friends Jennyfer and Ted to celebrate Ted’s birthday. These folks (who we know via the dance studio – Jennyfer and Colleen are part of the adult dancer contingent), are in their mid-twenties, and have a wonderful kind of energy that I, as a fortysomething old man, don’t necessarily have.

In the course of the evening, we made stops at six different breweries/cideries/establishments within RVA’s Scott’s Addition neighborhood of drinkery. It was a pretty wonderful time overall. I may have indulged a bit more than I’ve done in quite some time, and unlike our friends, I am not in my twenties. I woke up Sunday feeling slightly worse for the wear, more than functional enough to take the eldest offspring back to college on Sunday afternoon, but…yeah.

A good, responsible time was had by all (though I have not heard from J&T since Saturday evening when we parted ways), and we’ll likely get together for dinner and (ideally, fewer) drinks in the coming weekend to celebrate my lovely spouse’s birthday, but this is the kind of thing I can’t do terribly often, especially after playing rock star at the con last weekend.

I may indeed be in better physical shape today than I was in high school, though I occasionally need reminding that I’m not twenty-five any longer.


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