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11 Feb

Had a decent weekend, I guess. Been a little out of sorts, but my lovely spouse and I had a decent afternoon out on Saturday, hitting Blue Bee and Mean Bird as mentioned previously, as well as a pop by Castleburg to try the new blackberry gose; as well as discovering this:

My humble monthly Open Mic is pretty official now, if it’s made the table cards in the taproom. I’m getting good feedback from folks who will be coming, so it feels like it’s going to be a successful inaugural event. Here’s to hoping, anyway.

Sunday, which I was planning on making a quiet day of laundry and relaxation, though it was noticed that Return of the Mac was at Tabol Brewing, the new brewer on the block in RVA (opened just last week), for lunch and a chance to sample some of their wares, and I rather liked what I tried (especially the “Please Advise” dark ale, which was amazing, and quite likely sold out by the time anyone reads this); I’ll be going back.

My Monday, however, has been less than amazing; it’s been more phone calls where people on the project have, until this late hour, failed to identify significant issues that impact me (let alone the headlines that suggest partners might shut down again next week). I’ve been making rude gestures at the phone all damned day. But, the day is over, and I’ll be spending my afternoon getting my car serviced, which should be pretty low-key.

And, I’m coming into a long weekend, made longer by the fact that I’m taking Friday off, just because I deserve a break, and one is sorely needed anyway.


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