out of spoons

11 Mar

I spent way too much time this weekend pushing myself out there to support other people’s needs, and didn’t get a whole lot of return on the investment, or much time to practice any kind of self care. I spent way too much time worn out and cranky.

I seem to be doing a little better today; or at least that’s what I’m chosing to go with so far. We’ll see how many spoons I retain in my drawer by the end of the day.

One highlight of the weekend, though, was seeing Captain Marvel on Saturday afternoon. The movie was great fun; a non-traditionally presented superhero origin story with a healthy dose of 90s style buddy cop action and inspiring feminism. It was especially cool seeing all the young girls coming out of the theater ready to take on the world, having *finally* seen a Marvel hero that looks like them, and is more powerful than any of the others, but whose biggest strength is being able to get back up and try again after she’s been knocked down. I could use more than a little bit of that particular strength right now.

Also, Goose the “cat” is pretty awesome, and totally steals the show.

I’m mostly posting this morning to share this great piece of art related to the film from artist Jen Bartel, which captures the spirit of things perfectly:

She’s got “Nothing to Prove” to you.


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