friday thursday random elevenish: “a wealth of gigs” edition

14 Mar

Once again, Thursday is my Friday. Gotta treat myself now and then. It’s funny, though, that my body/brain *knows* these sorts of things, as although this week’s been rather low-imact in terms of work (my projects are on schedule and my guys are doing all the right things – the worst I’ve dealt with was this morning, where I discovered that they’d made a bunch of changes to the timekeeping system and I fought with my timecard for twenty minutes until I found a valid labor code); I’ve been dealing with weird, unfocused anxiety (which is probably totally tied into the stuff I talked about last week, even if it’s not quite so easy to point to anything), which has made things feel long.

The big reason I’m treating myself to another long weekend (Fri/Mon off) is that tomorrow I’m heading off the first of several music gigs coming up. This weekend I’ll be with the Blibbering Humdingers at BFGCon in Maryland, playing shows and engaging in all sorts of tomfoolery, along with our dear friend Mikey Mason.

This Wednesday, being the third Wednesday, is Open Mic at Castleburg, hosted by Yours Truly, starting around 6pm or so. I’d be happy with a turnout half as good as last month, but I really hope we’re able to grow this thing, and I have some new tunes to try out that I wrote last month.

And next weekend, I’m with the Humdingers once again at FantaSCI, a new convention in NC that’s geting started up this year by some con scene acquantances. We’ll be sharing the stage all weekend with Mikey again, as well as Metricula and White Plectrum. It’s looking to be a good time.

And given that St. Patrick’s Day is on Sunday*, the girls are going to be busy dancing all over the damned place with Heart of Ireland, working to both put on a great show, and protect their gorgeous solo dresses from getting Guiness spilled all over them.

That’s the promo business out of the way – otherwise this week, I’ve been rehearsing (obviously – Scott’s got some tunes on the setlist we haven’t dug out in a while), reading a bit, and yesterday making a big 70s cookbook style Bisquick burrito casserole, inspired by this post over at The Takeout. It was awesome, and I’ll be having it again for lunch today. Also, the weather looks to be pretty great today, so the bike is hanging off the back of my car, and will hopefully get some use this afternoon.

In the meantime, here are some tunes. Nice list today, decent mix without a lot of the usual stuff – also, I really dig that Record Company tune:

  1. “Embrace of the Endless Ocean” – Amon Amarth
  2. “Life Is Like A Song” – Jethro Tull
  3. “Bad Seamstress Blues/Fallin’ Apart At The Seams” – Cinderella
  4. “Take On Me” – A-Ha
  5. “Pictures of Girls” – Wallows
  6. “Night Time” – Superorganism
  7. “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” – Journey
  8. “Old Man” – Stella Donnelly
  9. “Black Tiles” – Wild Flag
  10. “Een Geldersch Lied” – Heidevolk
  11. “Life To Fix” – The Record Company
  12. “Alison” – Swimming Tapes
  13. “Lucretia My Reflection (vinyl version)” – The Sisters of Mercy
  14. “Charlotte Sometimes” – The Cure


* – I shall be very curious to see what Mikey does with this tune this weekend, as St. Patrick’s Day actually falls on Sunday this year, so “the Sunday after the Saturday immediately following the actual calendar day…” doesn’t happen until next week; perhaps “the Sunday after the Saturday immediately preceding the actual calendar day of…”? I dunno. I shall be sure to report back, though I’m sure we’ll have fun with it and hoist a few to celebrate.


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