friday random elevenish – “face the music” edition

22 Mar

So as I write this, it’s Thursday night (I stage these posts for publishing later sometimes!), I’ve just paid the bills, which, as sometimes happens, isn’t all that fun, particularly when things get staggered to the point that all kinds of stuff hits at the same time. Oh well; I shall just have to focus on the positive: That I had a tune published by the FuMP this week, that I had an absolutely *kick-ass* open mic last night where I got to debut a couple of original tunes that went over well, and I get to go play rock star this weekend at FantaSci with a bunch of my musical friends.

That’s gotta be enough to get past the badly staggered bills, the ten pages of bullshit memo my boss and I have to help another department address, and the fact that the weather’s still swinging wildly between the 20°s and the 70°s and screwing with my sinuses.

Not much else to report, I guess; tomorrow is work and then driving to North Carolina, finding my bandmates, and playing a show. Then doing the same thing more or less on Saturday. Oh, if you happen to be around Durham and want to catch a show, here’s where I know I’m playing:

  • Friday, 8pm – Magnolia Room
  • Saturday, 6pm – Magnolia Room (full band, featuring the junior Humdingers!)

Otherwise, we’ll be vending all weekend, and figuring out the way thi first-year con operates.

So anyway: tunes. Not a bad list pulled off the damned hard drive while I type, including a few friends. Enjoy:

  1. “Flood I” – Sisters of Mercy
  2. “Day and Night” – The Jim Carroll Band
  3. “Lame Claim to Fame” – “Weird” Al Yankovic
  4. “Take Your Time” – The Clarks
  5. “Why I Had To Go” – Bishop Allen
  6. “Skin Tight” – Winger
  7. “Kenesaw Mountain Landis (live)” – Jonathan Coulton
  8. “Harry Pottter’s Three” – Danny Birt
  9. “Poem of War” – SJ Tucker
  10. “Little Red Button” – Foot Pound Force
  11. “Black Mirror” – Arcade Fire
  12. “Girl with One Eye” – Florence + The Machine
  13. “Love Shack” – The B-52s

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