friday random elevenish: “70 percent people I’ve shared a stage with” edition

12 Apr

So…I spent most of Thursday waiting for my office phone to get fixed. A problem I reported to the trouble ticket gods three weeks ago. Now, I have a dial tone, but no phone that works. It seems my organization is on the cusp of changing over to a new Voice over IP system, but when they started changing things, everybody forgot that my building was there, and killed my line. I say “they forgot”, but that doesn’t entirely explain the eight pallet loads of new phones to be deployed at a later date currently residing in the storage side of my building.

So, I have an old-fashioned analog phone line at my desk, but no old-fashioned analog phone to plug into it. Oh yeah, new phone number too. Oh well.

Otherwise, the week’s been relatively quiet, beyond the adventure I posted about the other day. This weekend should be low impact; for me, anyway – less so for the children – the youngest is performing in a choir at the district fine arts festival on Saturday, and the middle one is going to the prom Friday night. I’ve been scrambling to buy corsages and such the last 24 hours. Oh well; it’ll be cool.

Oh, and the other night I proved that I probably should not have a beer and browse monoprice. I bought a mixer. I got a really good deal, but I probably shouldn’t do that.

Anyway….music. Lots of friends.

  1. “Looks Like Rain (demo)” – SJ Tucker
  2. “Waking Up In Vegas” – Katy Perry
  3. “Don’t Turn Your Back on South Dakota” – Jonah Knight
  4. “(Listen to) The Flower People” – Spinal Tap
  5. “Flutterbye” – Dirty Metal Lefty
  6. “Hot Cha” – TMBG
  7. “The Bells” – Valentine Wolfe
  8. “Drinking With Satan” – Mikey Mason
  9. “Carving Knife” Leslie Hudson
  10. “Dark Arts” – Errand of Mercy
  11. “Undertow” – Genesis
  12. “Supernova” – Liz Phair

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