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22 Apr

One might note from my short friday evening missive that I wasn’t really in the headspace for a great weekend. I managed to salvage some of it, but yeah, it could’ve been better.

Apart from paying the bills and a quick shopping trip with the spouse, I basically checked out Friday evening as indicated.

Saturday I did the usual grocery shopping and such, but laid low for most of the day until we headed into the city to grab a quick dinner and check out the Elle King show I had tickets for.

I enjoyed the show (she’s relatively dynamic on stage, and the band sounded great, as did the opener, Barns Courtney), though being a club show in Richmond, the usual issues with unpleasant crowds applied (I’ve spoken of this in the past – Richmond crowds can be, especially for mainstream pop shows, pretty rude, entitled, and tough to deal with). Combined with my lovely wife not being particularly familiar with the music, and the general personal space issues inherent to club shows, we ended up cutting out a little bit early to beat the crowds and be much more comfortable at home in bed.

Easter was mostly low-key; other than a couple of quick trips out, we stuck around the house. We finally completed the IKEA table hack to make a proper sewing machine environment, though I was largely out of sorts, having not slept particularly well the night before. I was more difficult to deal with than usual (apologies, family), but eventually settled in to watching some stuff on television, including a bunch of Letterkenny and finally spinning the Into the Spider-Verse blu-ray I’ve had for weeks. Both were entertaining.

You’ll see my other post today for an indication of where I am in terms of general attitude and outlook; I’m hoping the weather will cooperate for the week (it looks to) so I can get some bike time in again and hopefully find my happy place. Other than that, it’s looking pretty quiet right now, but…who knows.


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