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28 May

Well, after a little bit of back-and-forth, I can announce that I’ve been invited to be “Filk Special Guest” at Atomacon in North Charleston, South Carolina for 2019. This’ll be happening November 22 through 24 at the Hilton Garden Inn.

I’m just as surprised as you.

Oh well, I guess, after half a decade backing up The Blibbering Humdingers (and whoever else asks me) at conventions across the mid-Atlantic, and staying up late and making noise at filk circles in the same events, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I’m rather excited to share my songs with friends old and new at this small but growing convention. I hope y’all like me.

This has actually been a pretty good year for me musically, what with the regular open mic hosting gig, getting a song on the FuMP Sideshow, lots of great gigs with the Blibbering Humdingers (including an awesome Balticon this last weekend), and now this.

Now, as I’ve got this gig lined up, I should probably get cracking on the record I’ve been meaning to make so I have something to sell to folks!


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