03 Jun

Spent pretty much all of Monday waiting around for the office network to come to some sort of decision regarding whether or not it was going to function, and allow users to accomplish anything at all beyond watching spinning “wait” icons for pretty much every tool we use. The modern office, as you might imagine, is pretty much centered on networked applications these days, and without access, operations are dead in the water.

The email mostly functioned, however, which was its own kind of amusing, because the stuff that made it through through was mostly system broadcasts from my organization throwing another one (who is supposed to be in the process of taking over core IT functions) under the bus because stuff isn’t working. Yay; nothing in the world like an inter-departmental slap fight.

Anyway, that’s been my Monday. The weekend was marginally better. I took Friday off to handle some appointments, but started things off with a bike ride, which was nice, though I’d been struggling with wear on my saddle hardware, which caused the seat to shift around when I hit bumps (which on dirt trails is pretty much constantly). One of my errands, then, on Friday, was to vist my local bike shop, Molly’s. They didn’t have all the stuff I needed in stock, but they were able to set me up with a loaner seat post while they got one in, which worked really well when I took it out for a twenty-miler on Sunday.

Waking up to rain on Saturday morning, I didn’t hit the trail, but I did grab some good stuff at the Farmers’ Market and took care of the shopping and other errands, and eventually the skies cleared and things dried out in time for us to go catch the soccer game with our friends in the evening. Sunday was low-key; I did my long ride, as mentioned, we made a spur-of-the-moment run out to Hardywood for lunch from Curry in a Hurry, and I spent a couple of hours in the afternoon working on laying down some tracks for that record I’ve set myself to making before Atomacon (and actually had a bit of luck with it, even if I still am figuring out drum programming/loops); If I keep at it as I intend, I’m hoping to have a rough mix of “This Is Where She Appears” (I had a drum loop lying around that I’d played with a few months ago that seemed to do the job) by the end of the week. We’ll see.

Looking ahead, the week seeoms pretty typical; work, bike, etc; along with the previously stated musical goals. The rest of the family is working toward getting through the last couple of weeks of the school year, and prepping for the upcoming dance recital (where, as usual, I’ll be running sound). We’re also pacing our way through Good Omens on Amazon Prime Video, which, given the first two episodes we’ve watched, is pretty great if you did the whole Pratchett and Gaiman thing, which, as is pretty obvious, we do.


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