friday random elevenish: “up…and down” edition

21 Jun

It’s been a relatively quiet work week; too quiet, really – I’d really like some news on the status of my projects, honestly, and it’s not really forthcoming. I was stuck at the office on Thursday very late in order to help bail my boss and folks who aren’t as good at acquisition stuff as I am out of a jam, but I managed, as it lets me bail a little early for the weekend. Still kinda sucks, though.

This is really just one more example of how after a pretty big high – in this case, a pretty damned GREAT open mic hosting gig on Wednesday night, with one of the better sets I’ve ever played solo, and a wealth of talented folks (including my eldest child) coming out to perform and share their talents- the day following tends to land in the toilet somehow, what with the events of the first paragraph of my post, and some “kids off of school and stuck in each other’s proximity” drama popping up this week.

I did notice I never reported back about the recital or last weekend- it went pretty damned well, all told, but had a few bits of frustration, as they do. The dancers looked good, which is what’s important. And, the family took me out for a nice dinner on Fathers’ Day, which was nice.

The rest of the week’s been pretty dull, apart from the aforementioned stuff. My ankle’s still bothering me a bit after I twisted it last week – I’ve been low-impact walking a couple of miles a day this week instead of biking (the weather’s kinda iffy as well), but I’ve mostly been good about it without further injuring myself. It’s been damned hot all week at home, waiting on the parts for the A/C to come in, though the guy came by on Thursday to correct things (with the repair more than paying for our warranty in the process!) and with luck, it’ll stay working this time.

Not much else to report; I got nothing for the weekend, apart for doing some audio setup work at the new dance studio space Friday evening (again, assuming the wiring shows up on time), and the usual laundry/cleanup/chores/whatever for the rest of it; maybe I’ll get another tune in the can, having spent much of the week rehearsing for the open mic gig, and with the climate, the fans going put a damper on any microphone use anyway.

So, yeah, that’s it. Tunes as produced by the streaming app this time around aren’t bad; I’ll take the mix. Decent Queen track, some solid indie, and few of the usual suspects.

Oh well, in any case, by the time next week’s playlist comes up, I’ll be working my way down from experiencing Weird Al backed up by a symphony orchestra, which should be pretty cool.

  1. “Bouree” – Jethro Tull
  2. “Bruderov Paa Haegstadtun” – Asmegin
  3. “Highway Patrol Stun Gun” – Youth Lagoon
  4. “Killer Queen” – Queen
  5. “Is This Love?” – Whitesnake
  6. “Good Things” – Sleater-Kinney
  7. “I Melt With You” – Modern English
  8. “Australia” – The Shins
  9. “Hey You” – Pink Floyd
  10. “Every Breath You Take” – The Police
  11. “One Way Out (June 27, 1971, Fillmore East Closing Show)” – The Allman Brothers Band
  12. “Farsoten Kom” – Svartsot
  13. “You and I”- Toro Y Moi
  14. “Nothin’ But A Good Time” – Poison

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