feels-like-friday random elevenish – “staring at the long weekend” edition

03 Jul

I started tapping this one out totally believing it was Friday morning, as I’d internalized the fact that this was my last workday for the week, given the holiday weekend (and the fact that nearly everyone, including me, is taking off Friday).

Of course, it’s only Wednesday, but whatever.

This three-day week does, as short weeks often do, feel like it’s gone on more than the usual requisite five. Even though all my regular meetings were cancelled for the week because the holiday, I’ve been stuck managing a bunch of ad-hoc stuff: sitting in for my boss (who’s getting yanked elsewhere) leading meetings, editing, writing, and proofing all kinds of documents the bureaucracy insists need to exist, as well as seemingly getting stuck being substitute building manager on top of all my “other duties as assigned”, which is basically my lot in life.

Last weekend, as described, did involve the drag show, some D&D at the comic shop with the teens; it’s a collection of “teaching moments”, but it’s still nice to just play, rather than have to run things for everyone.

It also involved that “reward”, as I mentioned in previous posts. Most of a week in, she’s doing well. I am still in love, and I don’t think that’s going to change.

Otherwise this week:

  • I’ve gotten back on the bike, as my ankle has finally started sorting itself out. I’m starting a bit light – ten miles after work every day so far, but I’m holding together; might have it up to fifteen by the end of the week.
  • I made use of a bunch of aging produce and some best-i-can-probably-get-round-here sausage to create a kick-ass german feast with all kinds of cabbages and potatoes and such on Monday. Es war gut!.
  • I was out a little later than I’d like on Tuesday night (which I was feeling this morning), because I was asked very politely to sit in with Dimensional Riffs in a couple of weeks out in Williamsburg, and I got together with my old bandmates in the evening to run some tunes, and I still mostly have it with that material.

  • Speaking of material, I haven’t gotten anything done regarding the record this week, because frankly, my studio is my bedroom, and there’s a very talkative and affectionate cat in there right now, and, at least thus far, I don’t have a place for meows on the vocal tracks. 🙂

Looking toward the weekend, I’ve got a couple of quiet days – our Independence Day celebration will not, as far as I know, infrastructure-destroying military hardware, and will take place on Saturday, when we join our friends at their big-ass giant gathering/celebration at their family homestead up in Spotsylvania County. I still need to figure out what I’m making to take along.

As I’ve said probably enough already, here’s the playlist…definitely a different mix this time, and pretty heavy on the americana/folk in there. Not bad, really.

  1. “Still of the Night” – Whitesnake
  2. “Mother Goose” – Jethro Tull
  3. “Moonchild” – Fields of the Nephilim
  4. “Yam Yam” – No Vacation
  5. “Heaven Is A Place on Earth” – Elvenking
  6. “Moment of Weakness” – Bif Naked
  7. “Wasted and Rollin'” – Amanda Shires
  8. “Nobody Smokes Anymore” – Robert Ellis
  9. “The Boys of Summer” – Front Country
  10. “Devil May Care” – Sarah Shook & the Disarmers
  11. “Pinball Song” – Slobberbone
  12. “Humans Being” – Van Halen
  13. “You’ve Got Other Girls For That” – Lillie Mae
  14. “Satan’s A Woman” – Twin Temple

Happy Independence Day, folks. I’m personally going to try to focus on the positive aspects of what we should be on the day, because there’s so much else wrong right now (and I’ll send messages to my representatives to support working on that stuff – kids in squalid cages is never a good look).


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