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—long meandering think-piece about the evils of social media deleted—

So, for years and years, I had this high-and-mighty 500 plus word piece of faux-intellectual treacle here talking about how I was too indie/hipster/whatever for social media (particularly those services involving “friending”). I had (some arguably good bits) about privacy in there, but mostly it was bitching about how I didn’t derive much benefit from those sorts of services, except that I liked twitter a bit. You’ll see it’s not here anymore. I may link it someday for posterity.

Um…I’m going to revise and probably compress my remarks, due to new experiences.

Since I wrote that, I’ve softened a bit, in part because I got better at curating my feeds (cutting out those “frothing Glenn Beck fans” from the list was a godsend), and somewhere along the way, twitter stopped being as much fun. that said, you’ll find me on facebook a bit more these days, though I keep my list of people almost entirely limited to folks I know and like in meatspace. I also enjoy confounding it by being vague about personal details and having contacts scattered over a wide geographic range (thanks, convention circuit!). I derive great pleasure in having Facebook’s algorithms suggest adding universities I’ve never attended or pushing ads for restaurants hundreds or thousands of miles away.

So yeah, I’m on there a bit. If you see me, know that you’re special.

I also killed a few of the dead links, because I haven’t used them in years. A few went under, and linkedin sucks with the power of a thousand gravitational singularities.

  • twitter
  • google+
  • facebook
  • cphaurckker as well on skype, though please email me to coordinate times.
  • cphaurckker as well on the Playstation Network, not that I ever use it except for games that require it.
  • I guess I should just say that cphaurckker is my default username for stuff. Done.

So yeah, there’s a bunch of places to find me out there, though this particular web site here is, of course, the best way to find me.


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    meegan Says:


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    chuck Says:

    I do now…same as twitter, etc. Added it to the list above.

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