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This page used to be just music I recorded and posted, but now that I’ve started playing around with some other things I figured I’d broaden the scope a bit. So, if I create something I feel is worthy of sharing with the world, I’m going to stick it here.

Enjoy. For what it’s worth, I enjoyed making this stuff.



I’ve been playing guitar, bass, and various other stringed (and occasionally not stringed) instruments for night on 30 years; occasionally, I even make some money at it (but not much). I enjoy playing music with my friends and stuff, and occasionally, I record things.

♦ – Since 2014 or so, I’ve been pretty regularly playing bass and occasional other things with a wizard rock/nerdmusik band based out of Cary, NC, The Blibbering Humdingers. You can find us playing all up and down the Mid-Atlantic region at your favorite festival, convention, or wherever will have us. We have a pretty good time, all told, and I’ll keep thanking my friends Scott and Kirsten for keeping me around for as long as they’ll have me. Below you’ll find some links to a couple of recordings I’ve done with them over the past couple of years:

  • Raised By Nerds, the album we recorded back in 2015; I play various things; bass, guitar, mandolin, and ukulele. I’m a particular fan of track five, “Engines Make Me Hot”, where I’m playing damned near everything, but the title track is perhaps our biggest “hit”
  • Live at Dragon*Con, a recording of one of our live shows from Dragon*Con, one of the biggest sci-fi/nerd gatherings in the country, back in 2015. It’s been an honor and a joy to play there there last couple of years.
  • “The Weapon”, a track off of 2015’s Harry Potter Alliance fundraiser record A Tribute to Harry and the Potters, for charity run by Joe and Paul of the eponymous band, the founders of wizard rock (who we got to play a couple of shows with a while back); we contributed a cover of this HatP classic, which features some of my best guitar playing ever captured, if I do say so myself.
  • Fantastic Geeks and Where To Find Them (pre-release EP), a small collection of tunes to whet the appetite in Spring 2017 ahead of a full record later in the year. This one flirts a lot with “old timey” dance music: foxtrot, swing, tango, and the blues, plus some ragtime for good measure. I really enjoyed playing on this one; these new styles really forced myself to stretch as a bassist, and I’m very proud of the results. I even have a songwriting credit on this one, which makes me doubly proud, that such great songsmiths as my friends Scott and Kirsten thought something I came up with was worth inclusion.

♦ – Since the spring of ’16, I’ve been flirting with another band, Dimensional Riffs, again, growing out of the sci-fi fandom community. We played a couple of bar gigs in Richmond during the summer of 2016 with a slightly different line-up, but we seem to have settled into a good groove now, with a bunch of con gigs lined up for 2017.

  • Live in the Boudoir, DR’s first release, recorded “live” (mostly) in our singer’s bedroom in 2017, all of us around one mic like a bunch of 1920s jazz musicians. It’s quick, it’s dirty, but it’s also not particularly bad, and gives a pretty good sense of the original stuff the band does.

♦ – Variations on ‘All Creatures…’: I occasionally play with a guitar ensemble – here’s an open-air live recording of a tune from April, 2013. I’m playing electric leads. I don’t think it sounded all that bad (thanks Pete L for the recording).

♦ – Chuck Can’t Play Bass!: Back in 2007, I went on a recording kick. Some of the stuff below is the result, call it an E.P.. I dare you.

  • Cookies and Porn: title inspired by something I saw on the front seat of a a car in the parking lot at work.
  • Pullin’ Teeth: my little two-minute salute to crisp 80s instrumental guitar rock.
  • CF Groove, v2.0: A tighter re-mix of one of my first attempts at home recording. Cool bit? Backwards drums.
  • Reef Ridge Aeration: Another shuffly instrumental which proves I have exactly 45 seconds of second-rate lead guitar chops (hey, I’m really a rhythm guy, but I try…).
  • Thursday: A consciously lighter, less aggressive pop instrumental; with a little bit of piano in the background for variety – of course, I couldn’t nail the simple five-note line, so what you hear in the track are the keyboard stylings of my lovely wife.



Occasionally, I write things, mostly to amuse myself. If I think it’s worth reading, I’ll post it here.

♦ – Rescue in the Feywild: A short adventure module for 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons; suitable for 4th and 5th level characters. A quick interplanar jaunt to rescue a baby unicorn from some suitably monstrous creatures. It’s pretty linear, but my players at the time were young and inexperienced RPG’ers. No statblocks, so you’ll need access to the sourcebooks. In any case, we had fun playing it.

♦ – Live, Without A Net: A quick little Urban Fantasy short story I wrote in December 2009; My nod to the classic “Devil Went Down to Georgia” trope; owing more than a little bit to Emma Bull’s excellent War for the Oaks. Just a vignette, with the suggestion of a larger world. Maybe I’ll run with it one of these days.

♦ – Get Out of my Head!: Here’s the first draft (shoddily edited for punctuation and stuff – I apologize up front for the many errors) of my 2009 NaNoWriMo novel project. It’s very rough, but I haven’t done much with it lately. Eventually, I’ll get around to a full-on re-write, but for now, I’m sticking it out there, because there are a few bits I quite like in amongst all the “first novel” garbage.


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