friday random ten: “end of the road” edition

11 Dec

I am happily wrapping up my last work-related trip for the year, and it feels, unsurprisingly, refreshing. For the rest of 2009, I get to sleep in my own bed, and if I don’t, it’ll be my choice. That’s a really good feeling.

To briefly revisit another good feeling, I found this old article archived in the ‘tubes this week, which talks a bit about a phenomenon I was privileged to be a part of for a little while a decade ago: the long-gone Wednesday open mic at the Sun Ray Cafe. The author manages to capture the feeling of the whole arrangement perfectly; a great group of people, all of whom were terribly supportive of each other, even those of us with marginal talent. I never played a Pink Floyd tune at that venue, so I guess I can be grateful that he wasn’t calling me out (unless Floyd guy is a composite, in which case he probably was talking at least partially about me); but like this character, many nights, my twelve minutes playing there were the best minutes of my week. It was a great experience for which I’ll always be grateful.

Anyway, the music:

  1. “Letterbox” – They Might Be Giants
  2. “It All Makes Sense At The End” – Molly Lewis
  3. “Aces High” – Iron Maiden
  4. “The Letter” – The Clarks
  5. “Don’t Ever Let Me Down” – The Badlees
  6. “Saucy Sailor” – The Wailin’ Jennys
  7. “The World Has It’s Shine (But I Would Drop it on a Dime)” – Cobra Starship
  8. “Gimme Some Salt” – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  9. “Hag” – The Breeders
  10. “Sixteen Military Wives” – The Decembrists

Oh, and finally – today’s xkcd is, once again, brilliant.


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