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06 Feb

I really can’t imagine having the time to pull something this OCD-nerdy together, but there’s somebody out there who has built a comprehensive timeline of the Marvel Movie Universe.

By spending hours and hours scouring DVDs with a finger on the pause button to grab dates from bakground newspaper pages and calendars, this guy has put every event from all the Marvel films in chronological order, in case somebody wanted to cut them all up and edit together a ten-hour prequel to the coming Avengers movie.

Honestly, it’s an impressive application of compulsion and geekdom.

…And speaking of The Avengers, the extended version of the Super Bowl spot that was teased last week before the game with a ten second version is really pretty cool, with a good look at the Hulk, and has prompted all sorts of speculation as to who those alien guys backing Loki are if they’re not the Skrulls. This is an interesting theory.


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