may all your citrus be as you expect

27 Jun

On my way out the door this morning, I grabbed an orange from the fresh bag I bought the other day with the intention of making it breakfast once I got to the office.

As I peeled it and began consuming it, I realized it was actually a grapefruit.


Now, I don’t mind grapefruit (I actually quite like it, though too much is supposed to mess with one of the medications I’m on), but I wasn’t expecting it.

Gonna be that kind of Monday. Good thing it’s a short week for me, going into a long weekend. Between now and then, though, I have to get through a big multi-agency meeting up in DC on Wednesday (for which I haven’t yet received some crucial information), and sort through some musical project stuff that’s probably not going to be a huge deal; just not as certain and firmed up as I’d like.

But if I get through it, and my kids do all the stuff I need them to do, we might just check out the Doubleclicks in Norfolk on Thursday night.

So, for the week ahead, may all your citrus be as sweet or as bitter as you expect.


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