friday random eleven – “couple days off” edition

19 May

So I’ve taken a couple of days off…I originally had a week or so blocked out around this time as the plan was to join the Humdingers at MISTI-Con in New Hampshire, but life and time and stuff got in the way. I knocked some of that time off, but saved myself a five-day weekend, because dammit, I deserve it.

I’ve been spending my time mosty relaxing about the house, taking care of some chores (today is laundry day), and getting some solid miles behind me on the bike in the mornings before the heat gets to badly. I did fifteen yesterday, and while I don’t regret it, I was feeling it in my old man bones by the end of the day. I still did ten this morning, enjoying the breeze of the James and counting turtles on the trail.

This week’s been a busy one for the dancers in the family, as HOI has been hosting a couple of guys from the Fusion Fighters, a professional dance group (who do a fusion of tap, irish, and a bunch of other stuff) from England who have been working with the folks at the school and some other groups in town all week, leading up to a video they’re shooting tomorrow. The older girls are limping around after intensive work and private lessons all week, but it’ll probably be worth the effort.

Otherwise, the current obsession is finding appropriate vessels for 7-Eleven’s bring your own cup slurpee day, in order to maximize the benefit.

Anyway, here are some tunes, this time from my personal archive, rather than from Pandora:

  1. “Handy” – Weird Al Yankovic
  2. “Building A Mystery” – Sarah McLachlan
  3. “Listen to Your Heart” – Roxette
  4. “Boom City (live)” – Halestorm
  5. “Promises” – Eric Clapton
  6. “The Dornishman’s Wife” – Valentine Wolfe
  7. “The Gringott’s Goblin Coaster” – Witches of Grimmauld Place
  8. “Code Monkey” – Jonathan Coulton
  9. “A Better Man” – Earth to Bob
  10. “Boys Don’t Cry” – The Cure
  11. “Mary Ellen Carter” – Jig to a Milestone

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