best of times, worst of times

06 Jun

So, first off, Concarolinas was awesome. Both bands had some decent shows, and I got to make lots of great music with my friends. It was tiring, but a really good tired.

After a day of rest (always take the day after the con off of work…trust me), I went back to work today. I got to spend most of the day showing off all the things my team has done over the past year or so to make the organization way more awesome.

Then, in the last hour of the day, it came up in a meeting that one of the developers hit a snag and an important work product in an important project is going to fall a bit behind schedule, in part because of something I missed. This happened in front of the visiting project branch lead (aka one of my bosses) who was in town for a couple of days this week…did I mention that?

Yeah, that sucked. Totally destroyed the high from the first seven hours of the day. It doesn’t matter that the scale of this project will probably make this delay irrelevant in the end (the product doesn’t deploy for over a year; this delay will most certainly get eaten up in the slack), I still feel kind of awful right now.

I feel a little better after some meditation (aka ten brisk miles through the woods on the bike), but yeah. The timing of that piece of information couldn’t be any worse.

Oh well.


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