so i have an adult now

19 Jun

this is the face she's probably making right now if she's reading this

Eighteen years ago today, I watched a tiny little person under five pounds come into the world, being quite feisty and full of life in spite of having to hang out in one of those plexiglass incubator things for a lot of the first week.

In the interim, there were dance classes, road trips, laughs, tears, and all that other stuff that happens in, you know, life.

Today, she’s legally considered an adult, has graduated high school, is smart and poised and talented and all that other cool stuff, has a solid (as solid as anybody’s plan can be, anyway) for the immediate future, and impresses everyone she encounters (seriously, kid, people tell me that all the time, without prompting!), including me.

So, happy birthday, kid legal adult, go make the world a better place; I know you have it in you!


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