friday random eleven – “absent” edition

21 Jul

Left this sit for over a week. Sometimes I just have life and stuff, and after over a decade of this, sometimes I just run out of stuff to write about, so I take a break except for a couple of quick check-ins on social media.

I pay for the space, I’ll do what I want.

In any case, stuff happened. Last weekend I spent a couple of days in Bethesda MD for the WIDA US Open Championships. It’s kind of refreshing to attend one of these and not have to work it, other than keeping track of the occasional kid and carrying dresses around. In any case, both the youngsters hit the podium for their main premiereship event, and the spouse got second in one of her events, so it wasn’t all that bad, and the school did well overall. Nobody was entirely happy with their performance, but that’s as it should be; always room for improvement. We also got to spend a nice meal with some dear friends in Northern Virginia on the way up, so…bonus!

Tuesday was also my 19th wedding anniversary. It was pretty low-key, as I was stuck at the office much later than I’d like, and the girls had their usual dance classes. I did not see my bride awake until after 9pm. We’re going to make up for it on Sunday. I did make sure to have a huge package of snacks and comfort food delivered (she needed it), and I’m sending her off to a day-long dance workshop with the guys from Fusion Fighters (who are still bumming around the States) in Williamsburg tomorrow, which is what she really wanted anyway.

I also suffered a minor setback with weight loss – while out of town last weekend, the numbers say I gained almost five pounds. As I watch the trend with some distance, I think I may be looking at a day or two of signal noise (discounting the low weigh-in day, I was up maybe two, which is more realistic) but it was still kind of discouraging. I’ve all but made it up now, weighing in within ounces of the previous (statistically questionable) low this morning, I’m on track for over 80 miles ridden (in this blistering heat) this week, and I’m still down over fifty pounds since April, which is definitely something to be proud of.

This weekend’s pretty typical, other than some of the girls gone Saturday for the dance workshop, but I’m off playing Dungeon Master for the grad students for a few hours there anyway. Sunday is belated anniversary celebration – we’re still not sure what we’ll do, but we’re confident it’ll be pretty cool.

Here’s some music – kinda riot grrly this time around, which isn’t a bad thing:

  1. “Tell You Now” – Le Tigre
  2. “Please Don’t Tease”- The Donnas
  3. “1234” – Feist
  4. “Be Your Own Pet” – Becky
  5. “Head Over Heels” – Tears for Fears
  6. “Urban Photograph” – Urban Cone
  7. “The Beauty of Dead Cities”- Borknagar
  8. “High and Dry” – Radiohead
  9. “Don’t Stop Believin'” – Journey
  10. “Lashes” – Babes in Toyland
  11. “O Chenilla” – Cadallaca

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