friday random eleven – “hoofin’ it” edition

04 Aug


Nothing really huge happened this week (nothing that affected me personally, anyway – we’ve been watching a bit of drama from afar), though the week itself felt awfully huge. I’m tired, and I’m ready to be over. I had plans last night to go to a book signing at Fountain, but as I sat down after eating my usual regimented salad and chicken breast dinner in a quiet house (everyone else was out for dance classes) around 4:45, the next thing I knew, it was after 7pm and I’d slept my way right through that particular time window.

It’s been a lot of meetings regarding project schedules that are not lining up with plans (not on my end – we’ve picked up our slack), all-hands meetings the new senior management has been having with the workforce, and resource planning that is making the best of a bad situation.

At least, thanks to putting in extra time earlier in the week, I’m going to make them up today and leave a bit early. That’ll be nice.

Oh, and my bike is in the shop. I’d been putting off some routine maintenance, but when I throw a spoke and blow a tire nine miles into a planned 15 miler (luckily, since I was riding a five mile loop, I only had to be the pathetic guy in riding gear walking his bike for about a mile…), I had to admit is was time since the universe decided so. So, I’m off the wheels for about a week, as I get the cables tightened, gears adjusted, wheels straightened and trued, and the tires and saddle replaced. Like I said, it was an overdue service, and I’m not necessarily complaining, but it kinda sucks that I’m walking for next little while when I’m so close to hitting my *final* weight loss goal.

This weekend ought to be kind of nice, though – We’re getting together with some friends to wander around Colonial Williamsburg and do some Pokemon raids and other general tomfoolerly tomorrow afternoon. It’ll be nice.

Finally, one nice bit of stuff that happened this week, my dear friend, fellow filker, and Hugo Award Nominee Gray Rinehart saw his first novel, Walking on the Sea of Clouds, finally published this week (via WordFire Press)! I got my copy this week and started reading it last night, and it’s just as good as the reviews suggest so far. If you’re a fan of stories of the near future, adventure on the frontier, or you just really enjoyed The Martian, it’s definitely worth picking up (just click the title above).

Anyway, tunes. All over the place this week. Enjoy:

  1. “Seventeen” – Sjowgren
  2. “I Turn My Camera On” – Spoon
  3. “Heat of the Moment” – Asia
  4. “Dirty Denim” – The Donnas
  5. “West End Girls” – Pet Shop Boys
  6. “There Is Nothing Left” – The Drums
  7. “Turn Up The Radio” – Autograph
  8. “Africa” – Toto
  9. “Just My Kind” – The Julie Ruin
  10. “Thick as a Brick”- Jethro Tull
  11. “Karma Police” – Radiohead

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