been having a rough one, folks

01 Nov

Greetings. Just wanted to report in to folks that if you’ve seen or interacted with me this week, and I seemed a bit, well, *off*, it’s because I am. For some reason, the brain, after what was a pretty good weekend, to just go into one of its moods.

Depression’s a bitch, and I’m the target this week.

Doesn’t help that I had to spend most of yesterday being on, dealing with Very Important Work Things™, and working to continue to put things in order to make sure things get done. Monday I was a total wreck. I can tell you that. I took a nice walk in the woods at one of the local parks yesterday after work, and it helped a bit, but I still totally kind of missed Halloween – after I ate a little something, I went and hid while everyone else did the trick or treat thing. I hope you all enjoyed it. I’m enjoying looking at everyone’s costume photos this morning while I wait for emails to come in.

Anyway, that’s it, really. I’ll pull myself out of this; I always do. I know, as people say, Depression lies. Things aren’t awful, looked at rationally. I have a lot of good things. At my wife’s suggestion, I keep an actual list of good things that surround me in my wallet for times like this. It’s a tangible reminder.

So, again, know that if I seem off for the next little while, it’s not you – it’s an unfortunate expression of abnormal brain chemistry is all.


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