well, I tried

04 Jan

The metropolitan area got about four inches of snow overnight (my friends to the east got hit a bit harder). It’s cold, and pretty.

As I said in my last post, today’s the day I was supposed to go back to the grind after the holiday break. When I woke at my usual 5:10am, my site was operating on a two hour delay. I went back to bed until 6:30am. Was still on a two hour delay. Got showered and dressed, and packed my stuff up. Still on a two hour delay. Shoveled the driveway (being nice and cold, it was light and powdery); still on two hour delay. Get on the roads, which are crappy. Continue to be crappy even on the interstate. Consider turning around, but I really kind of just want to rip the band-aid off and get things over with.

Just as I pass the half-way point (which also includes a dearth of exits for several miles), I learn that the office has closed. Damn.

Oh well. I tried. Tomorrow is another day.

My northeast upbringing and practice dealing with slides and skids (thanks for all that donut practice in the empty mall parking lot, Dad!) kept me in good stead. The exit I used to turn around was recently changed from a boring red-lights and intersections into a cool and pretty efficient roundabout. As I navigated the unplowed circle, a bit of a skid happened; I took the roundabout a bit sideways (at a safe speed of about 3mph) and perfectly recovered it in time to drive smoothly through the exit back onto my ramp heading home. Must’ve looked like a bad-ass rally film in slo-mo worthy of Top Gear. The cop sitting patiently in his car waiting for me the clear the circle before he entered gave me a thumbs-up as I made my way through.

I kind of wish I had noted the car number to check with the department to see if he had the dash cam on – I’d love to see myself looking badass for once.


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