annual state-of-the-union comment delayed due to illness

31 Jan

Since I went down with the plague (thanks, elementary school) around 4pm Monday and dropped off the planet for a day and a half (I slept for 21 hours straight, then for another twelve more after eating and excreting), I totally missed the State of the Union address. I’ll eventually get around to catching the highlights, though I expect I won’t have missed much – I expect that GOP side of the room stood up a lot, the Democratic side didn’t, and the speech was largely uninspiring and uneventful – 45’s teleprompter speeches are usually non-events unless he goes off script, and the news reports on the morning drive didn’t intimate that he did.

Anyway, gonna try and get back into life after my hibernation. Here’s the Drinking Game like I should have posted yesterday. If any of you DVR’d it, you can get plastered tonight.


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