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27 Feb

This weekend was a weird one.

I stayed up way too late on Friday night, drinking beer and shopping online. Having gotten a pretty good coupon from Monoprice after ordering a cheap tube amplifier (that I’d been watching for months) last week, I spent $50 on a backup electric bass guitar, their knockoff copy of the Fender Precision Bass. I still felt pretty good about the purchase in the morning, figuring (as the product description suggests) I could have a spare electric bass that fills another hole, and I won’t feel bad about hacking on.

I’m already windowbrowser shopping for new pick guards, and discovered cheap knobs that go to eleven, which of course I’ll have to get, even if the P-bass style traditionally uses Telecaster-style numberless knobs.

Of course, what this means is that I’m spending all my time compulsively checking UPS tracking to see when things are getting here. That’s not good.

Saturday, after poking around after Pokemon in the morning, we headed out to SBC to visit the kid, have some pretty decent Mexican food, and take in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, which, as I mentioned, the kid did sets and stuff for. It was a really great show – I’d seen the movie a couple of times, but I enjoyed it live a bit more – the clever wordplay and dialogue came through more effectively when presented in a clever “theater in the round” style. I wasn’t my best self on Saturday – the drive did me in, and I was somewhat cranky. I made sure to apologize to the kid.

After getting home way too late on Saturday night, I slept in a bit on Sunday, did the grocery shopping, and spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on the marvel movie a week leading up to Infinity War, getting in Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and following up those with SPECTRE, which isn’t the best James Bond film (I kind of have problems with some of the casting and plotting), though it has the best Bond Girl since Diana Rigg, and, probably most importantly, lets JB get his happy ending, nicely wrapping up the Craig quatrology.

This week, so far, is me getting frustrated with my team at work, dreaming about performance work statements, and obessively checking UPS tracking, not believing that all my new gear is going to get here tomorrow, and I totally haven’t written any songs yet this week (even if I’m 15/14 in #FAWM).

Oh well. This is my life. At least I have Joe Hill’s Strange Weather to keep me company. It’s good.


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