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16 Apr

So we apparently had tornados and stuff last night. I slept through it all. Looks like my kid two hours west, and a bunch of my friends on the other side of the city got the warning and were sheltering in hallways and bathrooms and stuff.

Seems like everybody’s cool and unharmed. That’s good.

Weekend was a weekend. I continued to find myself pretty worn out, although by the end of last week I was getting through the work day before passing out. Let’s hope that continues. We did find a pretty good approximation of good NY style pizza at A N.Y. Slice after my wife and I did the mind-meld-via-text thing after I admitted my desire for pizza on Friday morning. The Dance Concert at SBC was pretty damned impressive as usual on Saturday evening, and I got to spend some time with the kid, so that’s cool. Sunday we swung by the school district’s art show to see the youngest’s art displayed, then I ran the D&D crew through further adventures – they’ve now slayed their first dragon, a big event in the life of any adventurer.

Hoping to make it through the week largely unscathed – gotta get myself prepped for Ravencon, and try to finally truly beat the flu recovery blues (all the pollen that exploded the last two days ain’t helping). I think I’ll make it.

Oh, and a friend put out a really great new musical project this weekend – check out Harlequin’s Shadow – Demo(n)s:


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