friday thursday random elevenish: “struggling to conquer cynicism, kinda winning” edition

28 Jun

Setting this loose today, because I’m off the clock tomorrow as mentioned, and probably won’t be locked to a computer while things load and compile, so…

Anyway, the week, as a mentioned, has been relatively quiet – I’ve got a couple of conversations that have to happen today before I cut loose for the week, some of which offer tantalizing possibility, but are more than likely going to get scuttled once the higher-ups get in the way of progress. I’m going to have to manage expectations, and kick the can down the street a ways until I can get the boss back and talk about strategies, because the savings could be huge if they let me do it.

Also, they are *finally* starting to migrate our organization’s email over to the Department’s Enterprise Email service (long overdue; we shouldn’t be managing our own), though the instructions and information regarding prep (mostly locally sourced) are not particularly clear or thorough. I am supremely glad I am not here tomorrow to witness the carnage.

I hate that I’m that cynical, but my experiences trying to do my job in a way that fits with my values of not wasting the taxpayers’ (read: you and me and everybody else) have not been positive the last few years.


It’s hard for me to not be cynical and outraged at anything happening in government right now (save a couple really great victories in Democratic primaries, which give me some hope), what with daily pictures of crying kids in cages and the news about Justice Kennedy announcing his retirement yesterday, pretty much timed perfectly for maximum craziness. We’re in for an interesting couple of months, certainly, but then, it’s been an interesting couple of years.

Oh well, I’m going to do my best to improve things from where I’m sitting, offer help and support where I can, and try to maintain some sort of positivity, in spite of our being part of what I’ve increasingly started to consider a Nation In Decline™

Oh well; I’ve gotten over fifty miles in this week (had a nice twelve miler yesterday), weighed in at *exactly* 220lb this morning, have a nice opportunity to make music with my friends tomorrow, and what looks like a nice Saturday afternoon spent with friends to look forward to, and the weather guy on the radio this morning talked excitedly about no rain in the forecast for the next five to seven days and how things will “dry out” (not that I didn’t enjoy slogging through six inches of mud, uphill, the other day, but it hurts) soon, and as I said before, this week, Thursday is my Friday.

SoI shall find the positive where I can.

Anyway, tunes. This week’s list is lots of indie, perhaps the most used movie trailer/commercial tune of recent memory (and was a big hit on my college campus in the early 90s), and some good old hair metal. I also let it expand a bit beyond the legitmate definition of “eleven-ish”. Oh well. Fine with me:

  1. “Pibroch” – Jethro Tull
  2. “Gone” – Day Wave
  3. “If You Leave” – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
  4. “Electric Feel (Video Mix) – MGMT
  5. “Einharjar” – King of Asgard
  6. “Cherry Pie” – Warrant
  7. “Send Me On My Way” – Rusted Root
  8. “Alone” – Heart
  9. “Electric Band” – Wild Flag
  10. “One of these Days (Live 1988) – Pink Floyd
  11. “Jump” – Van Halen
  12. “Mascaria” – Slant 6
  13. “Someone New” – Hozier
  14. “So Young” – Portugal The Man
  15. “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” – Tears for Fears

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