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12 Dec

So, I ended up getting two days off of work thanks to the twelve-to-fourteen(!) inches of snow Mother Nature saw fit to dump on my section of the mid-Atlantic starting early Sunday morning; so early, in fact that they cancelled the 5k the youngest and I were going to run that afternoon. Oh well, I made a huge pot of vegetable soup, watched Real Genius, played a few hours of this ridiculous video game called OnRush, which is all about crashing cars into each other, which is cathartic.

The storm, as I discussed with someone I met Tuesday night, originally from Bloomsburg PA, of all places, was an awful lot like the storms growing up in NE PA; lots of snow, lots of shovelling, but otherwise not inconvenient; no power going out, no blocked roads…it was nice.

Otherwise, the weekend was not bad; took a trip over to Hardywood to eat Mac and Cheese from the food truck and pick up a couple of bottles of GBS variants, but not the ones everyone else standing in the long line(!) were grabbing, mostly Kentucky Christmas Morning – coffee and bourbon barrels. The whole city goes nuts for this brew – this satiric article is awfully close to the truth). Ran into a few friends; it was nice. The lovely wife and I spent our evening at the Castleburg taproom catching a couple of sets from The Sequels, a pretty great country-rock americana band. It was a nice bit of time out before we got snowed in.

In less interesting news, my brand new Windows 10 laptop decided it was going to be difficult – I’ve put it in timeout for a couple of days until I get the motivation to really fix it – backups and factory resets thanks to garbage updates from Microsoft. If it doesn’t get itself in gear, I’m gonna threaten to install Ubuntu.

For Monday, I was up early shoveling the driveway. On Tuesday, the lovely wife and I ventured out a bit around lunchtime to hit the library and take care of a couple of errands, and I got a little stir crazy by Tuesday morning, so I headed out to wander around the local park and watch geese over the James.

Starting Wednesday, it’s back to work, starting to put things to bed so I can take my leave after Friday.


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