friday random elevenish: “I’m trying” edition

04 Jan

So. Yeah.

Given the ennui bomb I dropped in the last post, I kind of set the tone for my first (albeit short) week back at the office. Yesterday was, in spite of some generally good news from the program (problems fixed in my absence, potential schedule shift giving me an extra eight weeks or so to correct further issues – due, unfortunately, to the fact that my friends in other parts of the public sector aren’t working because of this garbage), a rough one. Given that I’d come off a less than totally relaxing holiday, and not quite knowing what I’d find back at the office, and fighting some sort of weird sinus thing, and the general wallowing I’ve been stuck in, I was not my best self by the end of the day.

The end of my week looks a little better, what with cancelled meetings and general quiet. I’ll get through it.

As I say in the post title, and have been saying in response to the question “How are you doing?” all week, I’m trying.

The weekend’s got some potential fun in it, if I can get over myself; dear friends are having their annual holiday party on Saturday up in NoVA, and we’ll be there to join the revels and catch up. I’m going to do my best to put on my best face, because I owe it to my friends to be my best self, and heck, I owe it to myself to be my best self.

That’s really about the size of it. Again, I’m trying.

Here’s some tunes – getting most of the usual suspects out of the way right out front; otherwise, not bad.

  1. “Strictly Genteel (Live in Chicago 1978) – Frank Zappa
  2. “Nursie” – Jethro Tull
  3. “Get You Alone” – The Donnas
  4. “Ceremony” – New Order
  5. “Welcome to the Jungle” – Guns N’ Roses
  6. “Everything Now” – Arcade Fire
  7. “Dodged A Bullet” – Alice Jemima
  8. “Kiss-And-Ride” – Bratmobile
  9. “Wild Wild Life” – Talking Heads
  10. “Was Nicht Darf” – Varg
  11. “How Long” – Ace
  12. “Eternal Flame” – The Bangles

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