marscon in brief

22 Jan

Marscon was pretty damned great. I worked hard, made a bunch of great music (full five-piece band!), got to play some of my own stuff and it got some pretty decent acclaim, made some new friends, played some games, and shared the stage (and drinks, and fun and all kinds of things) with some amazing friends, collaborators, and musicians (so many to list – just go to the Marscon Entertainers page – they are all my friends and compatriots!).

I spent a little bit of money, but not too much. The spouse got a purse, I bought a book. I got off light.

The best thing I did, though, was stay at the hotel/convention space Sunday night – after the bulk of the con attendees leave, several guests, performers, and most of the staff stick around and relax off the clock and enjoy each other’s company. We had a nice leisurely dinner, drinks, and spent a couple of low-pressure hours making music for each other and whoever else felt like hanging around; it’s the kind of thing that used to work on Friday night, though things have gotten so big, we’ve kind of lost that great informal hanging out thing the last couple of years, but I found it again Sunday night, sitting around a commandeered lobby Starbucks table with Mikey, Madison, and our friends singing songs and making each other laugh.

By now you know that this is the weekend I look forward to probably more than any other in a given year – spending time with my fellow martians is truly my happy place.


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