20 Feb

So, after all the teasing and talking and whatnot, tonight I am hosting my first open mic night at Castleburg Brewery and Taproom in the city.

I really hope it goes well. It seems like people are coming. I’ve got what I think is a decent opening set to kick things off. The brewery manager seems to have every confidence in me.

That said, the nerves are there, in a way they haven’t been for a while – performing doesn’t freak me out all that much anymore (I do it a lot, actually, and teaching knocked the fear of public speaking out of me), even when there’s singing involved. But, this is really the first time for me for a gig where I’m billed under my own name (instead of just showing up to play), and I’m not backing anybody up; I’m stepping out front into the spotlight. And being paid for it.

I really hope I don’t suck, and really want to do my best to bring business into the room, so that they’ll let me do it again.

We’ll see.


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