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19 Mar

Today I went back to work after my four day weekend, which included a weekend of gigs at BFGCon, which, in spite of apprehension of how the Humdingers (and the merchandise of Camelot Treasures) would go over at a gaming convention, went pretty darned well. The trip was worth the effort, and we played a couple of good, if weird (especially Saturday night) sets, which people seemed to enjoy, even if the originally planned performance venue didn’t pan out. The staff treated us well, we had plenty of fun with our friend and fellow performer Mikey Mason, got a little bit of gaming in, and I got a hold of some of the coolest dice ever.

I took Monday off to rest, recover, and get some laundry done, and it was enjoyable and productive. Today I went back to work, and found myself instantly frustrated, but it’s what I have for now, and they pay me pretty well to put up with this garbage.

But I don’t want to talk about that; it’s not interesting. Another thing I did Monday was take action on a suggestion Mikey made to me at the con, while we sat down for one of several beers and to compare notes and creative endeavors. If all goes well, it should come to fruition tomorrow. It’s not a huge thing or anything, but it’s kind of cool and will get something neat I made in front of some people…more to come.

Tomorrow after work I get to do another cool creative thing, being the third Wednesday of the month, I’ll be hosting the Open Mic at Castleburg Brewery and Taproom again, and I’m looking forward to debuting a new tune or two on stage, and trying out some interesting musical experiments, and really, really hoping we have at least as good a turnout as we had back in February (it seems like we might get there).

Get past Thursday and Friday at work, and I jump into the cool alternate universe again, playing shows all weekend with the Humdingers at FantaSci in Raleigh, again with a bunch of musical friends. Here’s to hoping it goes well.

Honestly, it’s these neat fun things I get to do with with my musical friends that make all the crap I put up with on a daily basis worth it sometimes…


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