friday random elevenish – “viral coma” edition

05 Apr

As I posted on social media earlier today, I don’t know what those folks at Goblins and Growlers shared with me on Monday night, but it hit me really, really hard by Tuesday afternoon. I have spent the last 48 hours or so in a semi-comatose state, waking only to use the bathroom and cough up green mucus. It’s not been fun.

Unlike Goblins and Growlers at Strangeways, which was a blast, and I’m looking forward to sitting down at the table again to roll some dice and hammer some monsters via my dwarf cleric avatar, Darrak Hammerforge. ‘Twas nice to actually do D&D 5E as a player rather than a DM for once.

Since then, however, beginning with the 20 minute drive home from the brewery, the illness has taken me. I made it through the day at work on Tuesday, though I pretty much passed out in the titular viral coma from Tuesday afternoon through Thursday around noontime, and I still don’t feel great. I am going to fight through the relatively light workday Friday (once again, I’m posting this Thursday night – yay time manipulation!), because I’ve got to head out to SBC for the eldest’s semester dance concert, and bring the youngest home, since my lovely wife is staying out for the weekend for a girls’ weekend and cat settling in.

I’m not really looking forward to the drive, but it’s gonna happen (and I’ll get a couple of episodes of The Adventure Zone in), and I’m looking forward to seeing the kid dance, of course, because she rocks it.

Like I said, it’s been a pretty quiet week, apart from the coughing and hacking. I am planning on hitting the twice-monthly Music Jam at my friend Whisky Dave’s Three Brothers Distillery (recently featured on Moonshiners: Whisky Business!) down the road in Disputanta on Saturday (I’ve been meaning to visit the distillery forever), and playing some tunes if the voice holds out.

Otherwise, I’m just going to try to make it through the weekend, and be healthy by Monday morning.

In any case, here are some tunes off of my hard drive. My buddy Jonah is going to hate that I’m pointing out tune number one on the list (from the forgotten first record), though the rest of it is pretty decent, including a few other friends (and people I wish were my friends):

  1. “Go First” – Jonah Knight
  2. “Expatriate” – Alison Crutchfield
  3. “Dark Horse” – Katy Perry
  4. “Not That Kind of Story” – SJ Tucker
  5. “Take Out The Trash” – They Might Be Giants
  6. “Mesmerizing” – Liz Phair
  7. “Madalaine (demo)” – Winger
  8. “Dream” – Imagine Dragons
  9. “Backyard” – Of Monsters and Men
  10. “Mtn Dew” – Madison “Metricula” Roberts
  11. “Modern Man” – Arcade Fire
  12. “I Bet It Stung” – Tegan & Sara
  13. “Howl At The Moon (Sha-La-La)” – The Ramones
  14. “New World Man” – Rush

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