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30 Apr

So yeah; Tuesday.

The weekend was, as they say, a weekend. I did some errands, saw Endgame, and ended up spending all of Sunday morning arguing with plumbing, since the faucet in the bathtub gave up the ghost, and I wouldn’t be able to turn the water off unless I fixed it. Combine that with installing the garbage disposal on Friday night, I’ve had way too much home improvement for comfort.

Oh well, my garbage disposal and shower work again.

That said, I kind of feel generally awful. My kids both had a piece of the sick thing late last week; apparently, it’s hitting me the early part of this one, only harder because I’m not a kid and don’t bounce as well. It’s all sinus headaches and mucus and general blahs, though (likely because I got the flu shot), I’m only partially ill; I’m just functional enough to get through a workday, though not enough to be particularly cheerful about it. It’s a light week, at least, until the powers that be make some decisions, and nobody else is in the building this week, so there could be worse places to be sick.

This, sadly, is my life right now. Hoping to mostly just get through the week with my sanity intact, and my health back by the weekend, if not sooner, so I’m able to hang with friends on Saturday at the soccer game, and maybe catch one of my open mic guys doing a solo set Sunday afternoon. We’ll see, anyway.

In the meantime, it’ll be comfort food and lots of sleep.


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