monday’s weekend recap

06 May

Happy Monday. It’s humid today, but not too hot, so I’ll take it. I walked three miles along the river after work, which felt good, except for the mosquitos. I’ve got the bike racked for tomorrow and the rest of the week. Gotta get back into the swing after being down last week.

Also, I am old; hanging with the soccer hooligans, pregaming at the tailgate, shouting and such for the whole game, then hitting the afterparty is not something I can do on the regular. Still, it was fun hanging with my young friends.

Sunday, I spent the early afternoon laying carpet at the new dance studio location, then spent a nice dinner hour watching my friend Doug do his Sunday set at Castleburg; gotta support my open mic family.

Speaking of, you’ve got a spare moment or two, please pop over to the StaRVA local talent contest web site and vote for another one of my open mic folks, Tony Fauntleroy, who didn’t win this week’s episode, but is killing it in the people’s choice voting to advance to the next round. His stuff’s great, and I’d love to see him move on!

Otherwise, work is work is work this week; might play another open mic this week that a friend of mine is taking a turn hosting, depending on how I’m feeling; shake the dust off, and get the stage legs under my again, because the back half of May is BUSY in terms of performance opportunities.


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