mid-week celebration of appreciation

22 May

It is Wednesday, and I’ve been busy enough that I haven’t managed to check in on this space as I usually like to do, so I’m doing that now.

The office, with a few exceptions (which I’ll get to eventually), has been pretty slow this week, figuring in some big senior leadership meetings in Ohio and the holiday weekend we’re heading into having a lot of folks off. I’ve managed to clean up a few lingering things, set some priorities, all at a mostly leisurely pace, and hope that those meetings in the rarified air of the executive suite will settle out some of the timeline nebulosity I continue to deal with.

Tuesday, however, as I suggest in the previous paragraph, had some interesting exceptions, when a phone call from the boss (who’s in those senior leadership meetings) needed me to bail his ass out of a dumpster fire by turning a garbage acquisition review board presentation (for a program I’d never been involved with before) into a top flight presentation to go before the firing squad in two hours. I managed it (because I’m a goddamn professional), made my boss look good, and got a nice thank-you note.

It’s nice to be appreciated, though I really hope this gets remembered when performance review time comes around.

Otherwise, this week, the weather’s been beautiful so far, and as I post this missive, I’ve gotten thirty miles or so behind me on the bike, and when I weighed myself in this morning, I’m down another five pounds. I’m almost back to fighting shape, and I’m hoping to knock that fighting weight down five pounds below where it was at it’s peak. Nice stretch goal.

The weekend gig down in Durham was nice, though hot. We played our sets solidly, and people mostly appreciated our efforts (especially the second set, which wasn’t as technically proficient, but had much better energy), I got paid, and the nice folks at Bull City even threw in a couple of free crowlers to take back to the wife, even though I had fully intended to pay. Again, nice to be appreciated.

That, right there, is pretty much that, other than the general ennui/righteous anger I’m feeling at the state of the American political scene right now, and what this crap means for the state of the rights of people who aren’t bog-standard white cis-het men like me. I’m working through those feelings, and working out how to best translate those feelings into concrete action, because crap like that shouldn’t stand.

Stay tuned later in the week for what’s likely to be a pretty promo-heavy post, because we’re going to be busy this weekend with events all over the place.


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